Lionel Messi, World Champion in Qatar, Contemplates Defending Title in North America

At the age of 36, with 180 international caps and 106 goals to his name, Argentine forward Lionel Messi is considering achieving a historic double by participating in the upcoming World Cup in North America.

Accumulating triumphs at the Copa América, the Finalissima, and the World Cup, Messi seems to have developed an increasing appetite, expressing a desire to extend this period of success for as long as possible.

“I had previously said I didn’t think I would be there, and it seemed like I would retire after the last World Cup, but it’s the complete opposite. Now, I want to be there more than ever,” shared the Inter Miami forward for Star+. “After that, we’ll see how far it can go. Maybe we’ll do well in the Copa América, and everything will come together to continue. Maybe not. Being realistic, it will be challenging.”

“After so many years of suffering, we are experiencing a special moment like I have never experienced, and I want to fully enjoy it,” added La Pulga.

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