Lionel Messi attempted a daring Panenka during the Copa America. He discusses his miss with Argentina.

Not everyone can be Zidane… Lionel Messi tried a Panenka during the quarter-finals of the Copa America. And he missed it… The Argentine missed during the penalty shootout won by Argentina against Ecuador (1-0, 4-2 on penalties).

“A lot of anger. I was convinced to take it like that. I had talked with Dibu (Martínez), with Rulli, I had taken a few penalties. I hadn’t practiced it, but I had talked about it with them. I had seen several shots go in, and indeed the goalkeeper guessed right, I tried to touch the ball and it went high.”

However, Argentina was once again saved by their goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez. “I knew Dibu is always there in those moments, he loves those moments, he becomes big,” commented La Pulga (Messi). “Even before the match, I joked thinking that if there were penalties, we would be calm. It’s fortunate that when we get to this stage, we have an advantage.”

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