João Felix, valued at €30 million by Transfermarkt, stands at a crossroads. Atletico Madrid is not closing the door to a sale to Barcelona, but they won’t let go of the player without receiving a fair offer.

The president of Atletico Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, has indicated the possibility of the Portuguese player’s departure:

“He plays for FC Barcelona, and it’s normal that he wants to stay there. Barcelona also wants him to stay, so we’re all very happy. Moreover, he will be lucky because Barcelona will keep a great and magnificent player.” However, it will come at a price. Currently, there is no agreement between Atletico and Barcelona.

Enrique Cerezo added: “João (Felix) is a magnificent player. He has adapted very well to Barcelona. He plays very well, and we wish him all the luck in the world. I don’t know how much Atletico wants to keep him. You have to ask the finance people; I’m from the world of sports.”

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