Sergio Agüero could theoretically return to high-level football, according to his doctor.

In 2021, Sergio Agüero ended a career spanning over fifteen years at the top level. At the age of 33, he had decided to leave Manchester City to take on one last challenge at FC Barcelona.

However, he had to retire after suffering a cardiac episode during a match against Alavés on October 30, 2021. Since retiring, the former Argentine international surprised his fans on his Twitch channel by revealing an exchange with his cardiologist, confirming that he was once again fit to play football.

“From the way things have gone so far, playing during this period will not be a problem. Logically, the corresponding studies need to be done, and you have to be tested as if it were a game. You have to be well prepared, but ready because there is hope. In short, it’s possible. Yes, it’s possible,” Agüero’s doctor said.

Sergio Agüero now wears a pacemaker. After three years without playing at the highest level, will he be able to rise to the challenge?


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