In the match between Real Madrid and Leipzig, a controversial incident involving Vinicius has sparked debate over the referee’s decision.

The Real Madrid player was involved in a double foul on Willi Orban, first with a charge from behind and then with a push to the throat. Despite the severity of the foul and Vinicius’s reaction, which appeared to warrant a red card, the referee only showed him a yellow card.

Many have questioned the referee’s decision, arguing that the nature of the foul and Vinicius’s aggressive behavior should have resulted in a red card. Video replays of the incident have circulated on social media, fueling the debate further.

Aurélien Tchouaméni, another player involved in the match, admitted that he did not witness the incident firsthand but suggested that based on what he heard from others, it might have warranted a red card.

Leipzig’s response to the incident was one of frustration, with the club expressing disbelief that Vinicius received only a yellow card for what they deemed an unsportsmanlike act. Their social media post highlighting the incident added to the controversy surrounding the match.


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