President of Olympique de Marseille, Pablo Longoria, has taken control of the situation at the club and is discussing the future, promising to stabilize the team.

Longoria, who had almost left the club during the major crisis last summer, has decided to stay and is now looking forward with a clear vision of the trajectory to follow, as revealed in an interview with the AS newspaper on Thursday.

1. Coaching Changes: Tudor.
Longoria clarified the situation regarding Igor Tudor’s departure, stating, “It was Tudor’s decision to leave.” He acknowledged the challenges faced by coaches at Marseille due to the high levels of pressure and passion at the club. Despite this, Tudor provided a clear playing style that was challenging to replicate.

2. Marcelino.
Reflecting on Marcelino’s tenure, Longoria explained that they believed implementing more structure would be beneficial. However, they underestimated the impact of transitioning between different coaching philosophies, acknowledging a personal criticism of their approach.

3. Stabilizing and Developing Marseille.
Longoria expressed his determination to build a sustainable project at Marseille, focusing on managerial stability and a defined playing style. He emphasized the need to improve infrastructure such as the stadium and training facilities, aiming for a long-term club strategy.

4.  Stadium Utilization.
Longoria stressed the importance of maximizing the use of the stadium, highlighting the consistently high attendance at matches. He emphasized the need to generate recurring revenue to invest in talent and ensure stability and continuity at the club.

Overall, Longoria’s statements indicate a proactive approach to addressing the challenges faced by Marseille, with a focus on stability, development, and maximizing the club’s resources.


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