In a series airing on Prime Video, Taylor Ward, the wife of Riyad Mahrez, discusses the sudden move to Saudi Arabia to accompany her husband, who now plays for Al-Ahli.

Is Saudi Arabia and its millions starting to take a toll on the personal lives of some players? Taylor Ward opens up in the Prime Video documentary titled “Married to the Game,” airing from this Friday. During a conversation with her sister, Riyad Mahrez’s partner mentions the constraint of leaving and says she “has no choice.” The cultural shock between Manchester and Saudi Arabia is quite significant.

“One day, he called me while I was at the beach, and he said, ‘we’re going to Saudi Arabia, and I’m leaving tomorrow.’ That’s it. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Everything happened so quickly that we didn’t have a minute to say goodbye to everyone.”

Taylor Ward was particularly afraid of being alone at home. “It’s part of the game, isn’t it?” Riyad Mahrez replied. Then she mentions having a “panic attack” when she realized that the pool at her hotel was exclusively for men. “I know it’s silly, I don’t like swimming or getting my hair wet, but it’s just the reality check,” she said.

Taylor Ward also discusses the ban on consuming alcohol, even inside her home. However, she notes that “it’s more flexible compared to what I was initially told.” But it’s not England.


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