Aston Villa players have voiced their dissatisfaction with this season’s moisture-absorbing shirts, claiming that they are hindering their performance.

It’s not climate change, it’s the shirts. According to sources From the Guardian, the issue has not gone unnoticed by head coach Unai Emery : Aston Villa players are sweating too much in their new shirts. The issue is prompting Villa to collaborate with sports manufacturer Castore to address the problem promptly.

In the current season, Aston Villa introduced new home, away, and third kits. However, supporters and players alike have observed that the shirts quickly become soaked with perspiration during games, adhering uncomfortably to the players.

The claret home shirts appear to be particularly susceptible to this issue, becoming noticeably darker as they absorb moisture. Players have reported similar problems with the white away kit, leading them to view this as a performance concern.

Efforts are now underway to resolve the situation, with the club actively working with Castore to find a suitable solution.

‌One source close to a Villa player told Telegraph Sport: “The players are having to play in soaking wet T-shirts and it is a problem that needs to be solved. It cannot go on all season. The players look like they’ve jumped in a swimming pool after about 10 minutes.”


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