Real Madrid have joined the chorus of criticism against the new format of the FIFA Club World Cup, which could see them play up to 72 matches between August and July if they qualify for all finals.

The Spanish giants are set to begin their season on August 14, 2024, with the UEFA Super Cup against the Europa League winners. The season could then stretch all the way to July 13, 2025, if they make it to the final of the Club World Cup.

This congested schedule has raised concerns among the Real Madrid coaching staff, who fear that the increased workload could lead to player fatigue and injuries. Club manager Carlo Ancelotti has been particularly vocal in his criticism, calling the schedule “crazy” and saying that it will “kill the players.”

“Next season, we’re going to start in August and finish in July. It’s crazy. They’re going to kill the players,” a Real Madrid source told Spanish outlet Relevo.

Real Madrid are not the only club to have voiced their concerns about the new Club World Cup format. Several managers have spoken out in recent months about the congested schedule, arguing that it is putting players’ health at risk.

The new Club World Cup format, which was approved by FIFA in 2022, will see an expanded 24-team tournament take place every four years. The tournament will be hosted in a single country, with the first edition scheduled to take place in China in 2023.

FIFA has defended the new format, arguing that it will make the Club World Cup a more competitive and prestigious tournament However, the increased number of matches and the congested schedule have led to widespread criticism from players, managers, and clubs.


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